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Blue Ocean Ltd

Blue Ocean Trade and Consulting Co.,Ltd.
บริษัท บลู โอเชี่ยน เทรด แอนด์ คอนซัลติ้ง จำกัด

let's explain who we are


Our Mission

Blue Ocean Ltd is a trade and consulting company specialised not to be specialised.

We have a team of free lancers and cooperating companies on hand which support us to fulfill a wide range of a small company needs, mainly for technical applications.

You have an application idea, but not the knowladge to get it ready for production?
You have some critical parts for your product and looking for a second or alternative source?

 We may can help. Send us a message.

The knowladge of our partners is your source

Our customers become our partners. 

 Our major shareholder and consultant has a wide range background. Started with edu-cation in electronics and mechanics, he was then working at an international company in the R&D software developing department and daputy system administrator. Followed by experience in the sales department and later CEO and CFO of a technology company for research components. At the same time he run his own trade and consulting company for technical products.

To get new experience, he deepened the edu-cation in finance and worked for some years as a deputy CEO in a financial trustee company responsible for accounting and auditing until a change was needed.

After moving to Phuket, Thailand he started as a freelance software engineer and studied professional photography, which was a sleeping hobby for several years. Since 2009 he is a consulting partner for our company. 

His broad field of experience and knowladge helps us to find quick ways of understanding customer requests and his unconventional way of thinking to find a solution let us offer new ways to solve your problem or product needs.

Searching solutions for your needs, we are also widening our experience and by learning what you can offer as a company or individual, we are able to keep your record for future requests from others that search your experience. We can trade your knowladge.

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